Revenue Generation

We increase revenue for associations by selling print and digital advertising, sponsorships, exhibit sales and membership.

Market Intelligence

Our data and market intelligence services help associations understand audience goals and create new, more sustainable offerings.

Content Services

Good content drives member engagement. Our content services help you grow engagement with relevant communications. 


The Wyman Story

Our company namesake is the late John Wyman, Ph.D., a former University of Florida business professor and senior AT&T executive who pioneered the field of telephone sales and marketing. Dr. Wyman also was a well-known business consultant, lending his expertise and vision to a variety of industries with an emphasis on leading companies through revolutionary periods of change. He frequently shared two simple philosophies that are core to our business:

Everyone likes to feel special. Dr. Wyman strongly believed that positive culture – for employees and customers – plays a significant role in a company’s success. Our supportive culture empowers our team to give partners A+ service that leads to impactful results.

You can’t be all things to all people. We started this company to support the association market in areas where we have expertise. We will stick to our mission and excel at areas we know best.