A letter to the association community

As associations work tirelessly to improve member value and engagement, four facts remain constant: The pace of change will only accelerate; competitive threats continue to create challenges; the membership dues model is under threat; and the need for non-dues revenue has never been greater.

You have options to help solve the non-dues revenue problem by utilizing in-house staff and/or outsourcing to a variety of companies in the marketplace. However, you still face uncertainty and questions: Are my revenue goals the right revenue goals? How can revenue be maximized when staff is pulled in so many directions? Is my outsource company truly vested in my association, or more focused on its goals and financial bottom line?

We formed The Wyman Company to confidently and assertively answer these questions for you. TWC is an outsource sales company with a primary goal of delivering sustainable non-dues revenue, resources and information that associations need to build and accelerate their mission. We sell advertising, sponsorships, exhibit space and membership, and we are committed to setting a new standard of customer experience and revenue effectiveness – to close the gap between promise and delivery.

Here’s what makes us different:

1.  We employ a customer-first mentality. TWC was formed after 20 years of working with associations – listening and understanding their needs and expectations in the context of their day-to-day work. We support your goals through a partnership of trust, collaboration, execution, transparency, proactive customer service and actionable market feedback. We win when you win. Period.

2.  Our methodology. Each TWC project begins with research and a formal sales and marketing plan. Our clients receive weekly reports that outline our sales funnel, activity, feedback from customers and progress toward our mutual goal. We deliver the best sales results from the best team while providing complete transparency with our process. We always want you to know how hard we work for you.

3.  Our people. A written plan can be duplicated, but a team’s passion, track record, experience and execution cannot. Each member of our executive team is a top performer with a minimum 15 years’ experience in the association market. Our team fervently believes that associations are the catalyst for the advancement of their industry. Associations are in a unique position of strength that is often overlooked and underestimated. We are the best team to leverage that strength and capture more non-dues market share.

Partnership. Trust. Collaboration. Execution. Transparency. Proactive Customer Service. Dedication. Passion. Commitment. These words describe our approach to serving the association community.

We know you need more. You will get more from us.

Charles Popper
President, The Wyman Company
(352) 219-3752