The Wyman Company’s primary mission is to increase revenue for associations by selling print and digital advertising, sponsorships, exhibit sales and membership.

What makes our sales methodology different?

  • We do our homework. After learning about your organization, revenue objectives, content plans and market composition, our team creates a formal sales and marketing plan that articulates the agreed-upon revenue goal and our path to achieve that goal. We begin every project with our lead sales executive working in your office for a week to actively sell and ensure our plan is properly executed.
  • Our consultative approach leads to return customers. It is important that we understand the marketing objectives of advertisers, sponsors and exhibitors and align those objectives with appropriate offerings. We create customized packages that provide quantifiable return on investment, making revenue generation sustainable. Our goal is to deliver maximum revenue to you while providing the best return for advertisers, sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Expect unmatched customer service. Every Friday during the sales campaign, you receive a report that outlines our sales funnel, number of calls made, feedback from current and potential advertisers/sponsors and sales made to date. Transparency is very important to us. 

Let us bring a more sustainable, customer-centric approach to revenue generation.